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Published:December 22nd, 2013 11:18 EST
Two New Poems That Go Hand in Hand

Two New Poems That Go Hand in Hand

By Ed Roberts

Living for the Race


The motorcycles zip past the grandstand

Traveling at over 100 miles per hour

It`s another Saturday afternoon at the races

The seats are filled

With fans and family members

The pits are buzzing

And the infield is covered

With tents and chairs


All can hear the roar

As the machines simultaneously downshift

Grabbing for a lower gear

As they approach the ever-so-sharp

Turn number one


Suddenly the constant flow of motion breaks

The #19 bike clips the back wheel of the bike beside it

Chaos in the next few seconds



Those who are able

Swerve to avoid the collision

Those who are not

Are engulfed in the mayhem


The rescue crews

Firemen and ambulance drivers

Leap into action

The caution flag is raised

And for the next few moments

Life itself stops

For a handful of people


During the week

David is a dentist

On weekends

He is

The rider #9


In the stands

Vicky, his wife

Tightly grabs the hand of their son, Jonathon

And like so many other spouses



So many nights

They argued

So many times she would tell him

His insurance wouldn`t cover him at the track

They needed his paycheck to pay the bills

They needed a new car

They needed so many things

But what she and Jonathon needed most

Was him


His answer was always the same

He had to be free

Racing made him feel alive

It was simply

Who he was



That day

In so many ways

This became true


Ed Roberts 12/13/13


(For Mary with love)



Pure Love


So few people understand the nature

Of pure love


For so many years

Barbara would support her husband Daniel

During the week

She would come home from work

And start cooking supper

More times than not

She would have dinner waiting for him

When he came through the door

She would do the laundry

Clean the dishes

Everything it took

To keep the house clean


So few people understand the nature

Of pure love


On oh so many weekends

Barbara would support her husband Daniel

Together they would drive several miles

Sometimes stay overnight in different small towns

And she would sit in the stands

Often with many strangers

And watched and cheered

As Daniel rode bulls


Bull riding was his passion

Something he had done most of his life

He did have the scars to prove this

And in so many ways

So did she


One Sunday in October

Everything changed

While riding a bull named Destroyer "

Daniel was thrown just outside the corral gate

Like so many times before

He hit the ground hard

But this time

He landed first on his head

Barbara was there

When they loaded him into the ambulance

She was there waiting

While they worked to save his life

And she was also there

When they told him

He would never walk again

That for the rest of his life

He would only be able to move

His left arm


So few people understand the nature

Of pure love


Some women would have left

Especially during the first few months

The months Daniel said

He wished that he had died that day

She understood he was hurting

She understood that he was angry

She understood him in ways

That he didn`t understand himself


In the ten years that followed

Barbara would support her husband Daniel

She was with him

When he learned to eat again

When he learned how to operate his new chair

And also when he learned to drive again

She went with him

When he went to Wal-Mart

To apply for a greeter position

And took off work to drive him there

For his first day of work


She was also there

The day they took him to the hospital

And a few days later

When they turned off the machine

That had breathed for him for his last five days


So few people understand the nature

Of pure love


I am writing these words for you tonight

Because in my life I have met some special people

People who I feel need to have their story told

A story I know they will never write

For themselves


A story of a man who chose to ride bulls

And the story of a woman who stood by his side

And never thought or demanded anything for herself


So few people understand the nature

Of pure love


I wanted to write these words

Because Barbara did


Ed Roberts


 Both of these poems are based on real life, taken from the lives of two different people who are very close to me.