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Published:December 26th, 2013 09:41 EST

5 Shot, 3 Killed Outside Strip Club Christmas Morning: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Five people were shot just after midnight outside Slick`s GoGo Bar on Nye Avenue and 21st Street in Irvington, N.J.


`It appears the gunman was trying to enter the bar armed and was stopped by the bouncer,` said Chief Anthony Ambrose of the Essex County Prosecutor`s Office.

The man then apparently opened fire."


This bloodbath occurred early Christmas morning, a time when a man should be with his wife and children, basking in the warmth and security that only family can provide.

Seriously, only a moron loser would patronize a strip club any time of the year. Most strip clubs are owned and operated by organized crime, and the women they employ harbor every venereal disease known to man.

A philanthropist doesn`t call himself Slick ", if you patronize Slick`s GoBo Bar, you will get ripped off.

Three of the victims have died, and the other two are sorry they went to a sleazy bar instead of staying home with the family.

Moral of this story: A stripper may warm your lap for a few moments, but your family`s love will warm your heart forever. Stay away from strip clubs, losers!

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