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Published:December 30th, 2013 13:06 EST

Holy Redneck Couple Charged With Battery Following Fight Over Ten Commandments: Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A man and woman were arrested for battery following a disagreement over the Bible and Ten Commandments, Georgia police said.


The fight occurred around 1 a.m. local time near Cartersville.

Authorities entered the motel room and found blood on the carpet and a bloody towel in the sink, police said."

RTT News

The RTT article doesn`t describe the nature of their disagreement over the Ten Commandments, but I figure it went a little like this:

Male Bible scholar: OK drop your drawers, time to get to know each other in the biblical sense.

Female Bible scholar: Not so fast loverboy, I`m having second thoughts about committing adultery.

Male: I`m married, you`re not! I`m the one who would be committing adultery; you would only be guilty of fornication.

Female: Listen Bubba, I don`t want to commit adultery or fornication! Let me break it down for you, I ain`t doing the nasty with no redneck Bible scholar!

The theological argument became so tense that the woman used the Bible to hit the dude upside his face, and he threw her across the room.

Moral of this story: Thou shalt not bring up the Bible when you are about to have sex.

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