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Published:January 6th, 2014 14:08 EST

Skank's Toe Bitten Off During Wild New Year's Eve Party

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A woman from the Boston-area city of Dorchester lost her toe during a fight at a rowdy New Year`s Eve party.


According to reports, the victim was attending a friend`s party when she approached another girl and asked if she would like to hook up. The girl`s boyfriend took exception to the suggestion and grabbed the victim. He pulled her hair back and only released her after she screamed at him to let her go."


That was just the beginning of the tawdry drama. The host of the shindig got mad at the victim for causing a scene, and he promptly administered a good old fashioned beatdown.

After the hapless victim fled the party, the host followed her outside and that`s when he bit off her left little toe.

This tramp is fortunate she lost a toe and not her life! How dare she proposition a girl in front of her boyfriend? I`m not advocating violence, I`m just saying watch out for karma.

I don`t have anything against bisexual or lesbian females, it`s trifling females, whether they be straight or bisexual that I despise. If a girl hits on a girl in front of her boyfriend, she`s a skank, and deserves a serious butt whooping.

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