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Published:January 8th, 2014 14:52 EST

Dee Dee McCarron Apologizes for Jameis Winston Tweet: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was not be charged by Florida state attorney Willie Meggs in the sexual assault case involving the quarterback.


The Florida State University quarterback dodged a bullet; the sporting press may give the Heisman Trophy winner a pass, but some of us aren`t blinded by Winston`s athletic prowess. Winston may be a gifted athlete, but he`s a mediocre student and a morally-stunted human being.

I will not let Winston get away with any crimes (rest assured he will sexually assault women in the future), and I will be there to record his every indiscretion, moral failing and offense against the English language.

The mother of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron tweeted "Am I listening to English?" following Winston`s on-field interview after winning the BCS title over Auburn Monday night at the Rose Bowl. Dee Dee McCarron quickly apologized and deleted her tweet after it was slammed as racist.

What Dee Dee heard was Ebonics; it`s a shame that a university student can`t express himself without peppering his comments with double negatives.

Dee Dee`s tweet didn`t express hatred of blacks, but her love of the English language.

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