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Published:January 10th, 2014 10:44 EST

Lizzie Velasquez: Ugliest Woman in the World & Most Inspiring Motivational Speaker in the World! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

If I wake up and discover a pimple on my forehead, I feel like staying in bed and not dealing with anything or anybody.


We let minor inconveniences discourage us from reaching our potential and accomplishing our goals. We are so quick to make excuses: I`m too old to go back to school and earn my degree. I`m average looking, I`ll never be hired if I apply for the receptionist position. I`ve been overweight all my life, why bother jogging or working out? I`m too stupid, if I take that test to qualify for a promotion, I`ll just fail and disappoint my family. I`m not good enough to try out for the church choir; I guess I will just be singing in the shower for the rest of my life.

After reading about Lizzie Velasquez and watching her video, hopefully you will never make another excuse in your life.

Velasquez has Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome, a condition so rare that only two other individuals are known to have it. She has zero percent body fat, and has never weighed more than 64 pounds. She`s unable to gain weight, regardless how much she eats. That sounds like a dream come true, but her nightmare affliction makes her  look like a skeleton that just escaped from hell.

Not to point too fine a point on it, but Velasquez is indeed the ugliest woman in the world. If we looked like her, we would stay home, and be too embarrassed and afraid to interact with anyone.

When Velasquez was in high school, she accidentally discovered a video of herself on YouTube that was titled "World`s Ugliest Woman." It had garnered over 4 million views, that`s enough to make even the toughest person in the world contemplate suicide.

That was the turning point in her life, it was at that moment that she decided she wouldn`t let the haters and bullies define her. She determined right then and there that she would graduate from college, write a book, and have a meaningful career.

Lizzie Velásquez has accomplished her dreams and goals, she graduated from a university, she`s published multiple books, and she`s the greatest motivational speaker in the world. 

You Go Girl! 

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