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Published:January 14th, 2014 13:16 EST

Puppy Rescued From Heating Duct: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Emergency responders in Saskatchewan said firefighters dismantled portions of a home`s heating system to rescue a tiny puppy that fell into a vent."



The tiny puppy was playing, as puppies are wont to do, and fell into an uncovered heating vent.

A mother will take pains to baby-proof her home, but too many owners of kittens and puppies fail to pet-proof their homes. Needless to say a home with a puppy shouldn`t have an uncovered heating vent.

The Chihuahua puppy Yoshi wasn`t hurt, and let`s hope his owners have learned their lesson. A puppy is no different than a helpless baby; he needs to be carefully watched at all times.  

Now this puppy has a healthy fear of heating vents:

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