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Published:January 14th, 2014 08:09 EST
Was Timothy Davison`s Death on a Lonely Stretch of Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania a Result of Road Rage?

Was Timothy Davison`s Death on a Lonely Stretch of Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania a Result of Road Rage?

By John G. Kays

Ten days now since 28-year-old Timothy Davison was run off the road and shot to death on Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania, by a man driving a dark-colored Ford Ranger XLT; still no word. Most news stories make only a slight impression on me, quickly forgotten, but that`s not so with this one, which shouts out road rage, even if it`s only one sided, on the part of the killer. That is, he stalked Tim Davison for 15 or 20 miles, from the northern tip of Maryland (Interstate 70) and then connected up somehow with 81 in Pennsylvania, where the incident came to a head.

No, this one doesn`t go away from my mind, as I try to picture a simulation of what went down in the wee hours of the morn, Saturday, January 4th, on a snow covered, desolate interstate. Davison made several calls to 911; this must be how we`re getting a description of the perpetrator`s vehicle, a dark Ford Ranger XLT, which he literally rammed into Davison`s Mitsubishi Montero. Some of the paint from Tim`s car must have rubbed off onto the assailant`s, therefore leaving a good clue, unless the suspect has already removed it. For that matter, he may have changed the color of his truck upon reading the news.

This seems likely in my line of reasoning. Naturally enough, we`re curious as to what was the cause of the initial breach or altercation. Did one of the parties try to cut the other off? Were there any harsh words exchanged or unsavory gesticulations, such as shooting the bird at one another? This gesture seems mostly benign to me, but may not have such a trivial impression on somebody who`s possibly mentally disturbed, someone who carries a loaded gun right next to them (either on the car seat or in the dash).

Not to underscore the gravity of this ineffable initial row, but it was so serious (in the mind of this man), that he followed Tim for 15 or 20 miles, actually shooting at him while on the fly, as reported by Mister Davison when calling 911 (for the second or third time, I don`t know). And what kind of firearm did he employ? The cops aren`t telling us this yet. And how many shots did he fire into Tim`s Mitsubishi? Keeping mum on this also. And what about the Road Rage Killer turning around and heading south (back into Maryland) after his deed?

How do the authorities know that? I didn`t see any news on how they could have known this, but it stands to reason, the killer must have left tire tracks of a circular nature in the snowy slush right at the point of the shooting. I don`t suppose there were any eye-witnesses, so this would be the only way they could have known this important piece of information (as I see it). This makes you realize even stronger that this crazy man was purposely stalking Timothy Davison; that wasn`t the direction he intended to go in. Furthermore, he may possibly live in Maryland, not Pennsylvania (this makes sense also).

One piece published in the Portland Press Herald, revealing Tim Davison`s spotted driving record, really threw me for a loop and made me question just what had happened in the dead of night on a lonely Interstate, on January 4th. Tim received 9 speeding tickets over around a decade, and got in three accidents (one in 2007, one in 2008, and one in 2009).  These incidents look mostly benign, but still make you wonder whether mere coincidence is in play, or whether Tim was bringing this trouble upon himself. 

And while we`d prefer to not let these citations color our thinking on Tim`s death, we can`t help but connect what occurred in the past with what ultimately brought him down. Untangling it is necessary, but can be a little difficult. Let`s hope they catch this guy soon before he repeats what he did; you and I will feel safer once he`s removed from the road. I`d like to put this on the back burner, but I know that will be difficult also.