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Published:January 15th, 2014 11:14 EST

UFO Paranoia Down Under: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"ANOTHER sighting of an unexplained light in the night sky above Katherine has been reported.


David Schuman, who photographed what he believes was a UFO at the Strongbala Men`s Health Centre last month, said he was washing dishes at the Centre on Thursday night, when he ran out of water and went outside to fill up the water tank."

Katherine Times

Katherine is a small town in Northern Territory, Australia where nothing of consequence ever happens. It`s no wonder that this backwater town is a hotspot for UFO activity, what else are the town residents going to do but stare at the sky and imagine strange lights?

David Schuman was washing dishes when he ran out of water, went outside to fill his water tank, looked  at the sky and saw a giant UFO that " glowed like the sun." The fact that a man, an Australian man at that, was washing dishes discredits him as a credible witness. Schuman`s story would have been more believable if he has been drinking beer or eating magic mushrooms when he witnessed the luminous object in the sky. Nobody is going to take a wimp`s word for what time it is, let alone believe his testimony about a UFO.

Schuman said the freak sighting only lasted a few short seconds, had it lasted any longer he would have soiled his pants, and suffered a heart attack.

There is no UFO activity "Down Under" or up in the sky: Just say No to UFO tomfoolery!

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