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Published:January 15th, 2014 08:07 EST
Who`s Behind the Murder of Alfred Wright in East Texas? Why Was He Killed?

Who`s Behind the Murder of Alfred Wright in East Texas? Why Was He Killed?

By John G. Kays

A sequence of events in the mysterious death of Alfred Wright in East Texas don`t add up, until we can see who`s behind it. We have to thank CNN (Anderson Cooper`s 360 and an on the scene reporter, Deborah Feyerick) for making the very first probes into what looks like a cover-up by the Sabine County Sheriff`s Office, since now the FBI and The Texas Rangers are in charge of investigating the strangeness surrounding 28-year-old Alfred Wright`s death. I ought to qualify my praise, however, by saying, as far as I know, CNN is the only news source we have that`s covering this story.

That immediately sent up some red flags, but faring from Texas myself, and knowing a little bit about East Texas, I come to the conclusion there is no local news service covering that area (Alfred lived in Hemphill, which is near Jasper). Well, you`d think the Houston Chronicle could have covered the story, but nevertheless we need to be thankful CNN is getting the word out on the incredible discrepancies we find with this case; the way Alfred Wright`s body was found, the condition of his body once they discovered it, and an autopsy report which failed to describe what actually had happened to him.

Well, that`s just barely scratching the surface really; I`ve watched the AC 360 exclusive two part report (and read the accompanying text), scooped by Deborah Feyerick, who went to Jasper and uncovered this travesty of justice, several times over this morning. I needed to rewind the tape many times because I couldn`t hardly believe what I was hearing. 

One example, is that Alfred`s cell phone was left neatly deposited in his sock. Huh? And that oddity is coupled with a claim by a yet unidentified clerk, working at the CL&M Grocer, who on November 7th saw Alfred put the cell phone in his sock and flee the scene. Huh?

And then we hear that Alfred`s body was saturated with drugs (cocaine, meth, and amphetamines), when the coroner`s report came back from his original autopsy. Huh? Alfred`s family, and especially his wife Lauren, is certain he didn`t do drugs! How`d the drugs get into his system and when did they get into his system? 

What happened to Alfred Wight at the CL&M Grocer on November 7th when his pickup truck broke down? What`s this about his wife Lauren hearing heavy breathing on the phone, the last time she talked with him?

Was this the moment of abduction by some yet unidentified assailants? And what was their motive? The first thing I thought of when researching this troubling story, was the murder of James Byrd, Jr. in Jasper on June 7, 1998, by three men, two of which were white supremacists. I`ll never forget that case! 

Another case that comes to mind, which was also exclusively scooped by CNN, is Kendrick Johnson from Georgia, whose body was found upside down in a rolled up gym mat. It seemed very staged, just as Wright`s looked very staged.

Obviously, Alfred had been killed in a different location, his throat had been cut, ear cut off, Two teeth knocked out,then carefully redressed after his death; after these preparations, he was moved to this ranch where he was discovered by ordinary citizen volunteers, not law enforcement professionals

The MO of the criminals reminds me of how the Mexican drug cartels take care of their grim business. I`ve just gotten up enough courage to take a look back at Ciudad Juarez in 2008, during the height of the killing there; I recommend reading Murder City by Charles Bowden, if you`ve got the stamina for it. Let`s hope we can get to the bottom of this strange situation in East Texas. For example, what was Alfred Wright up to at a Holiday Inn Express a few months before his disappearance?