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Published:January 16th, 2014 16:36 EST
Calling All Graduates: Create Your Own Job

Calling All Graduates: Create Your Own Job

By SOP newswire2

The biggest mistake graduates make in their search for employment is putting all their eggs in the traditional job basket. They assume that someone will offer them a job, and when that doesn`t happen, they end up unemployed, or underemployed.

In these uncertain times, even if an employer is interested in you, it doesn`t follow that they will offer you a job. That`s especially true for small businesses, where most of the opportunities are.

Here`s how to succeed in today`s workplace:

  • Learn how to operate as freelancers or contractors. It`s not enough to be willing to do this; you have to learn how to do it effectively.
  • Learn how to find hidden employment opportunities. The majority of employment opportunities today are never advertised.
  • Learn how to market yourself effectively. Most graduates are clueless about this. The good news is anyone can learn how to do it; it`s mostly common sense.
  • Understand the role of the Internet and Social Media tools in finding employment opportunities and in creating an online presence that will attract employers and recruiters.
  • Create a LinkedIn account. Spend as much time doing this as you would creating your resume/CV. In today`s world, it`s just as important.

For graduates who are interested in starting a small business, thanks to the Internet and modern communications tools, it`s easier to do this than it ever has been. Today, you can operate a business from your Smartphone and it doesn`t matter if you`re doing it from your living room, or your local Starbucks.

So graduates; stop shortchanging yourselves by settling for low paying jobs in the service sector, or unpaid internships. Millions of your peers around the world are finding paid employment in their field and you can too. Believe in yourself and refuse to accept anything less.

Ron McGowan is the author of the international bestseller How to Find WORK " In the 21st Century ", currently in use at hundreds of colleges and universities worldwide. The sixth edition is now available from Thames River Press.