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Published:January 16th, 2014 12:03 EST

Dude Charged $1,666.61 for $16.51 Waffle House Meal: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Restaurant chain Waffle House apologized to a South Carolina man who was charged $1,666.61 for a $16.51 breakfast.


Jim Andrews of Williamston said he and his wife ate at the Waffle House in Piedmont Friday and he gave the cashier his card to pay the $16.51 bill, WHNS-TV, Greenville, reported Wednesday.

`I sign it, and I look at it again, and it says $1666.61,` he said. "


The Waffle House attracts rednecks, hood rats, bums, and assorted riff raff like a steaming pile of dog poop attracts flies.

The food at the Waffle House may be down home delicious, but it just may be your last meal. Consider yourself fortunate if you leave the Waffle House without being solicited by a working girl, harangued by a bum, or beat up by a thug.

The reason why so many normal people venture into the Waffle House is because the food is good and cheap.

Now imagine your surprise when you are charged $1666.61 for a $16.51 bill. I can`t believe the Waffle House cashier argued with the customer about the bill.

The Waffle House corporate office was able to reverse the pending charge.

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