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Published:January 21st, 2014 13:08 EST

Patient Arrives For Liver Transplant With Bottle Of Vodka

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A liver transplant patient turned up to her operation appointment at a German hospital with a bottle of vodka in her bag, a court has heard.


Rules state patients should be sober for at least six months before a liver operation, but the nurse claimed that the patient had admitted drinking a bottle of vodka a day in the weeks leading up to the operation.

It is thought that despite breaking the rules, the unidentified patient was still allowed to undergo the operation, which has now led to an investigation."

The Independent

A liver transplant patient showing up for her operation with a bottle of booze in her bag is like a condemned prisoner showing up for his execution with his monthly planner in his pocket.

It`s an outrage that this alcoholic was still allowed to undergo the operation, the hospital should have kicked her to the curb.

This horrible woman admitted drinking a bottle of vodka a day; it seems that her brain is in worse shape than her liver.

This story makes me think twice about donating my organs after death!

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