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Published:January 21st, 2014 11:50 EST

Super Bowl Will Be Stoner Bowl: Legalize Weed We All Win!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Since this year citizens in Washington and Colorado are able to legally buy marijuana for recreational use, it`s serendipitous that teams from mile high Denver and sleepy Seattle made it one toke over the line into the Super Bowl.

We can only draw the conclusion that the Almighty favors the legalization of the natural herb, and regardless if Denver or Seattle wins the Super Bowl there will be thousands of joints light up in victory.

Every year during Super Bowl Sunday millions of bags of Doritos and other chips are sold, but in Denver and Seattle there may be no Doritos left on supermarket shelves.

Twitter is buzzing with tweets celebrating the upcoming Stoner Bowl, here`s my favorite:

Marijuana legalization means increased tax revenue, fewer arrests, and apparently a trip to the Super Bowl! Seattle vs. Denver! #SuperBowl

I don`t know who`s going to win the Super Bowl, but I anticipate the most laidback celebration in history. There will be no smoke from cars being set on fire, but plenty of marijuana haze emanating from the winning city.

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