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Published:January 22nd, 2014 14:47 EST

'Anorexic' Doll Provokes Controversy: Should 'Nenuco Won't Eat' Doll Be Banned?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A new doll which turns its head away when offered food has provoked outrage, with critics saying it could encourage young children to develop eating disorders.


Mental health campaigners are calling for the "Nenuco Won`t Eat` doll to be banned on the basis it is "unhealthy`.

They are concerned that the toy could encourage or normalize eating disorders in young children and say it is `deeply worrying`."

Daily Mail

The picky eater turns her head away repeatedly until the spoon is perfectly aligned with her mouth, at which point the doll eats the food.

The doll mimics the behavior of a real baby who reject food unless a mother pretends the spoon is a helicopter landing in the baby`s greedy little mouth.

To argue that the " Nenuco Won`t Eat" doll encourages young children to develop eating disorders is patently absurd.

The doll doesn`t appear emaciated; it`s shaped like a normal round-looking baby.

The cut doll is already for sale across Europe, and hopefully it will be available in America soon.

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