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Published:January 22nd, 2014 08:15 EST
In Alfred Wright`s Mysterious Death, What`s the Connection Between a Thin Dime Found Near the Body and

In Alfred Wright`s Mysterious Death, What`s the Connection Between a Thin Dime Found Near the Body and

By John G. Kays

Appropriately, I read the news (Beaumont Enterprise) of the protest march for justice, in the case of Alfred Wright, through downtown Beaumont (Saturday, January 11th) on MLK day. I was reminded of the powerful Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, spearheaded by Martin Luther King, with its particular take on non-violent resistance, modeled after Mohatma Gandi. Well, I let another day pass, then I resumed some more research on Alfred Wright, whose body was found on a ranch in rural Sabine County on November 25th.

I was glad to see some other news services, other than CNN, covering this very troubling case, where nothing is making sense so far, other than that Sheriff Tom Maddox appears to be covering up what really happened to Alfred Wright on November 7th, when he ended up in a big fix at CL & M Grocery, Inc., after he was having problems with his truck. His wife, Lauren Wright, who talked with Alfred quite a few times that day on a cell phone, heard him making some strange sounds in the background, on that very last call. I wonder if she heard in on the very moment when Alfred was drugged and kidnapped by his unknown abductors.

It`s been pointed out, the owner of CL & M was a dispatcher for the Sabine County Sheriff`s Office, and that his son is currently a deputy for the Sheriff. The owners name has not yet been disclosed by any news services; furthermore, the clerk`s identity, on duty (November 7th) when this odd incident took place, has not been disclosed either. I will say, however, CNN`s news crew has captured the clerk on camera, and she smokes cigarettes, has long black hair, and is a bit stout. I wonder about her testimony, that Alfred ran away from the store, clutching his cell phone, as if he was high on drugs?

I do sense we`re getting a little closer to uncovering the real story behind Alfred Wright`s mysterious disappearance and death. The Houston Forward Times has published an eye-opening piece, that when coupled with CNN`s Deborah Feyerick`s ground breaking 3 part AC 360 television piece, helps us to inch closer, pulling up the veil draping this incredible charade. I`ll link the HFT`s article (Bombshell Autopsy Report Reveals Murder, Lies and Alleged Cover-Up) for you at the end of mine. Most important, a Houston forensic pathologist, Lee Ann Grossberg, performed a second autopsy, and concluded Alfred`s death was a homicide. I`ll let you review just how she knew this.

Another item which nearly caused me to jump out of my chair was featured in Deborah Feyerick`s third installment, and has to do with an oddity of a thin dime being found near Alfred`s body on this ranch. Okay, so why do I keep flashing over to Breaking Bad, as if there`s some sort of connection between AMC`s popular, but fictionalized series and real events in East Texas? The reason for this, is the claim that there are illicit meth labs operating around these parts. Leaving the dime at the crime scene by the perpetrators is calling card, snitches will be taken care of. Alfred some way learned some things he best should of stayed clear of.

Deborah interviewed a very interesting person, who has, in some ways, got herself caught up in this mess. That`s Brenda Chastain (spelling?), who dated Sheriff Tom Maddox for a while. Furthermore, she`s aware of these meth houses in Russ County where she lives, since there`s one operating right by her. Details of this meth house and how she knows this weren`t disclosed in the CNN report. Most shocking of all, Brenda is finding these symbolic dimes around herself; one was even under her bed covers! Meth, a sheriff, and thin dimes; are they connected?