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Published:January 23rd, 2014 11:23 EST

Jury Awards Dude $4M After Accident Left Him With Skinned Genitals!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Alabama jury has awarded a former farm worker $4 million in damages after an accident on the job left him with skinned genitals.


During a project in August 2010 at Kendrick Farms in Conecuh County, Gerald Lymon was holding onto the boom of a tractor-driven post hole digger operated by another man.

After the drill bit struck a hard piece of ground, Lymon was knocked over and his pants, clothes and genitals became entangled in the drill. The spinning drill caused the skin of his genitals to be ripped off."


I wouldn`t be surprised if it was an all-male jury that awarded this poor fellow millions in damages. Women reading this article are probably shaking their heads in disbelief at the huge payout, while men are crossing their legs.

Dudes are very protective of their family jewels, if I buy Gold Bond Anti-Itch Lotion to treat my jock itch and I develop a blister on my manhood you can best believe I will sue Gold Bond for millions.

My condolences to Lymon, dude I wish you a speedy recovery!

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