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Published:January 24th, 2014 11:03 EST
French President Scandal: Lust Trumps Brains

French President Scandal: Lust Trumps Brains

By SOP newswire2

French President Francois Hollande`s evolving sex scandal is dissected Friday in a national op-ed piece by noted New York clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist Judy Kuriansky.
French president sex scandal: Lust trumps brains, distributed through the United Press International newswire, looks at the reported liaison between Hollande and actress Julie Gayet, the hospitalization of ostensible first lady Valerie Trierweiler, and what women everywhere should be on the lookout for, particularly when it comes to powerful men.
Kuriansky, author of  "The Complete Idiot`s Guide to a Healthy Relationship" and a frequently quoted relationship expert on the faculty at Columbia University Teachers College, says Trierweiler was a fool not to see the alleged affair coming. Kuriansky explains why, and why Hollande won`t likely change.
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In the piece, Kuriansky offers advice to Trierweiler that she says   also applies to commoners like the rest of us. "
Among her recommendations:
-- Identify what you fear losing,   whether a lifestyle or the fantasy of undying love. "
-- Resist self-blame.   You can never be beautiful, smart or desirable enough. His needs drove him to stray. "
-- Rebuild your self-image   on your own strengths rather than as someone`s arm charm. "
Kuriansky also addresses several questions:
-- Should Trierweiler forgive her philandering man? Friends are quoted as saying she`s ready to do that.
-- The unofficial first lady has been hospitalized for a week, reportedly due to shock from the revelations. Is there such a thing as   love shock "?
-- If never-married Hollande has a pattern of philandering, will new mistress Gayet suffer the same fate as Trierweiler?
-- What drives powerful men to be chronic cheaters?
She can also comment on:
-- How might Hollande`s indiscretion affect his state visit to the White House scheduled for February 11th? Hollande says he will elaborate on Trierweiler`s role before his Washington trip.
Kuriansky, popularly known as Dr. Judy from her years giving advice on the radio, is available to be interviewed about these and other psychological aspects of the scandal.
She can be reached at