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Published:January 27th, 2014 13:14 EST

Lady Tells Cops Some Dude Named 'Ted' Stole Her Obama Phone: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A South Carolina woman told cops that a male acquaintance stole her government issued  `Obama Phone` and a pair of rented DVDs from her residence


Rosa Clowney, a 61-year-old Spartanburg resident, told officers that she had invited a man named Ted over to her house Thursday night to watch a pair of movies she had rented from the library."

The Smoking Gun

After enjoying the movies and the pleasure of Rosa`s company, Ted left her home with the DVD`s and her precious Obama Phone.

Ted really knows how to play the ladies, not only did he not have to fork over any money for his date, but he got a couple of videos and an Obama Phone for his troubles.

I hope I don`t sound like a judgmental elitist, but Rosa`s morals and finances leave a lot to be desired. Rosa exposed herself to public ridicule by reporting the embarrassing crime in the hopes of avoiding the $65 fee the library charged her for the missing videos.

A lady who owns an Obama Phone, rents videos from the library, and invites a gentleman into her home that she knows nothing about save his name, and then has no qualms about reporting the crime to the police just may be the biggest loser in South Carolina, if not the entire country.

Moral of this story: If a chick, who owns an Obama Phone, rings you up for a booty call, hang up!

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