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Published:January 28th, 2014 08:24 EST
In 'True Detective (The Locked Room),' Do Potts and Kittles Suspect Either Cohle or Hart of Complicity?

In 'True Detective (The Locked Room),' Do Potts and Kittles Suspect Either Cohle or Hart of Complicity?

By John G. Kays

(In True Detective, Episode 3 [The Locked Room]) who is the Tall Man? The Tall Man, with facial scarring, had been seen around these roving tent revivals, with Joel Theriot as the preacher with some huge chops (played superbly by Shea Whigham); specifically at the church in Eunice (with the primitive antler mural, most likely drawn by our serial killer), which had burned down to the ground. And what did Rust mean when he said to Marty, nothing is ever over? Did he mean the ritual killer will repeat his act, or did he mean that old time religion won`t bring any kind of spiritual catharsis? Or is it a double entendre?

Well, Rust has strong channeling powers and a detective`s hound dog intuition; Marty recognizes this and tells Potts and Kittles it`s so, ten years later (2005) in these mysterious interviews, where you sense not all is right with the new detectives take on what went down in 1995. They`d found another girl in Lake Charles fitting the MO of this earlier sicko; therefore, they retained suspicions that Hart and Cohle hadn`t really solved the crime in the first place, while the two feigned an attitude that they had. Or did they believe this? This might explain why Potts and Kittles are engaged in a tricky cat and mouse game of interrogation (with two clever veteran interrogators).

I take good notes myself; maybe not as good as Cohle`s notes. Maybe that`s why they call him the Taxman `cuz he has an eye for details others might miss. And Marty tells Potts and Kittles Rust is an excellent Box Man; can get a suspect, when drilling him under a hot lamp, to crack in a minute flat! So, Rust eliminates a psycho perv in just a few when sucking his brain, realizing he`s not their man. Rust also discards another perv, Minister Terry, who`s apparently an assistant to the fiery preacher, Joel Theriot, and has done hard time at Angola, where we hear (from Rust), he got his testicles cut off.

But Cohle burns the midnight oil, going back through cold cases; he comes upon a case that was thought to be an accidental drowning ,but comes to find out that toxicology reports find her juiced up with meth and LSD, same as Dora Kelly Lange - bingo, a connection! The unlikely twosome find out through grunt detective work, that the victim, Rianne Olivier, had been hanging out with a rough and tumble ex-con by the name of Reggie LeDeaux, whose rap sheet included baking meth and printing LSD. Marty finds out by radio LeDeaux broke parole, so he honks Rust back to the car, who`d been drilling a lawn man at an abandoned Billy Lee Tuttle Ministries Wellspring Program school (stoked by Hurricane Andrew), where Rianne went to school.

The ending of The Locked Room is to die for (not literally)! Yea, it`s a cliff-hanger and we won`t see what happens until a week after the Stupor Bowl, but we get a glimpse at the makeshift tropical bungalow (or fortress) of this weirdo, Reggie LeDeaux. Thought immediately of two movie references: does LeDeaux`s setting make him the spitting image of Special Forces Colonel Walter E. Kurz (Apocalypse Now), who had gone completely bonkers? Or is Reggie a better fit with Buffalo Bill, with the headgear outfit and birthday suit, in The Silence of The Lambs? Maybe neither. I see all the intrigue of subplots as enveloped beneath the revival tent of the fundamental plot, which is solving Dora Kelly Lange`s bizarre murder before they have to hand it off to the task force. Much of the weirdness rubs off on Cohle and Hart; just goes with the territory.