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Published:January 28th, 2014 12:44 EST

Priest Drives Away Burglars With Boring Sermon

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Father Arthur O`Neill woke up early Sunday morning at his home at St. Brigid`s Parish in Cabinteely, Dublin to see `what looked like a machine gun pointed to my head.`

Two men apparently broke into O`Neill`s home with the hope of getting cash but instead had to settle for a cellphone.

Although he wasn`t very priest-like with his language, O`Neill did manage to get rid of the men by boring them with a `sermon that I had prepared for later that day`"


This story would have had a happier ending if the priest had blown away the burglars to Kingdom Come, but I`m glad the priest survived to preach another sermon another day.

Apparently the phone the thieves stole was one of those cheap Obama Phones, because they left it under a tile in his front garden.

Father O`Neill is faithful to his vow of poverty, and there were no expensive electronics or precious stones for the bad guys to steal. They left empty-handed because Father O`Neill isn`t storing treasure in this world.

Let`s hope that the priest`s sermon will prompt the burglars to turn over a new leaf.

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