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Published:January 30th, 2014 14:11 EST

Budweiser 'Puppy Love' Video Goes Viral

By Robert Paul Reyes

Will Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning emerge as the hero of the Super Bowl, exorcising his demons by proving he can win the big game, or will a relatively unknown player rise to the challenge in the biggest game of his life?


But a more important question is which Super Bowl ad is destined to be the fans` favorite?

This Cheerios Super Bowl ad featuring the controversial interracial family will melt a lot of hearts:

But this Budweiser ad featuring a puppy and horse that let nothing stand between them, is hard to beat.

A cute puppy makes friends with one of Budweiser`s iconic Clydesdale horses. Their respective owners attempt to separate the unlikely pair so they will not run away, but the horse`s pals intervene to make sure the two BFF`s are never separated.

I can`t wait to see the rest of the Super Bowl commercials, and I don`t know which one will turn out to be the best. But I bet that a lot of boxes of Cheerios will be sold, and a lot of cartons of Budweiser beer, and more than one family will be inspired to adopt a puppy.