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Published:January 30th, 2014 13:42 EST

Cheerios Brings Back Multi-Racial Family for Super Bowl Ad: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Cheerios has decided to take a stand in their ad for upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII.

The American brand of breakfast cereals manufactured by General Mills is bringing back the controversial interracial family that cast a Caucasian mother, a black father and a biracial child for the 30-second spot that will air on Sunday."



The original Cheerios interracial family commercial didn`t depict the family playing with a Ouija Board while eating their cereal, or twerking while popping cereal into their mouths. It was controversial simply because it featured an interracial family; hello it`s 2014, not 1914!

When I saw the original Cheerios ad I said to myself: What an attractive family, and what a cute little girl. Unfortunately, thousands who saw the ad responded by posting vile racist comments on social media.

Props to General Mills for doubling down on basic human decency, and producing another delightful commercial starring the interracial family.

Support racial equality and buy Cheerios!

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