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Published:January 30th, 2014 08:10 EST
With Alfred Wright`s Confounding Death, Areas of Mystery Permeate Every Step of the Narrative!

With Alfred Wright`s Confounding Death, Areas of Mystery Permeate Every Step of the Narrative!

By John G. Kays

While little new information is emerging in the strange and yet unexplained death of Alfred Wright from East Texas, and as we wait and see whether the Texas Rangers or the FBI are getting anywhere in their investigation, and I might add, whether Eric Holder and the Department of Justice get involved, I find myself running everything we already have by my ken one more time, checking to see if I missed conspicuous evidence the first half a dozen times I`ve given it a shot. It`s not just one or two things that are shot through with anomalies, it`s every single clue, the entire narrative that`s a Big Confounding Question Mark

What I`ll do today is put down on paper some of the thoughts that race through my mind, as I reread the small body of journalism touching on Alfred Wright`s case. Alright, so you might call it analysis, but actually it`s more like a stream-of-consciousness, or raw thought and questions we all are having as we try to make sense of what heretofore, is not making any sense whatsoever; the term I`ll use, is Areas of Mystery. I might need to emphasize, all aspects of the narrative are AOM! 

Here`s a short checklist to get you started: several thin dimes, the sheriff`s daughter, two conflicting autopsies, meth labs in East Texas, a race issue (?), and an odd overnighter at a Holiday Inn Express. First off, how did Sheriff Maddox know in advance of the first autopsy report that Alfred Wright didn`t die as a result of foul play? Moreover, why did he comment to Alfred`s family members that the (balanced and fit) physical therapist`s disappearance was probably drug-related, and specifically tied into the methamphetamine culture (I`m calling it that after Breaking Bad, sorry!)?

Is the Sabine County Sheriff a soothsayer, or did he have foreknowledge, inside information that made him see the meth angle? As we probe deeper, we can`t help but wonder whether the original autopsy was rigged or cooked, where somebody was telling the coroner what to put in his report. With that in mind, we can`t help but wonder whether Alfred`s body hadn`t been altered to make it look like he`d overdosed; where that thought goes, the masterminds must have shot him full of drugs to make it seem this way. Alfred didn`t do drugs, so someone else must have put `em in him.

Most people are fairly certain the crime scene was totally staged; especially Alfred`s father, Douglas Wright, who noticed how cleaned up the body was, when found right in the midst of mud and bramble. And returning to November 7th, and an unlikely scene (as described by a clerk) at CL&M Grocer: Alfred`s truck had broken down, and instead of waiting for his parents to arrive to rescue him, he shoots up some meth, puts his cell phone in his sock, and races out of the store in a speed-addled craze! Huh? Totally insane! Why would he do meth just as his parents were dropping by? I don`t think so!

And then we have the problem of Alfred`s unusual stay at a Holiday Inn Express, a few weeks before he vanished, and during a time when his wife was out of town. Why would he stay at a hotel when he wasn`t going out of town? Who was he meeting? Why was he meeting somebody? Did he find out something he shoudn`t ought know? What about the thought he`d discovered the doings of a drug operation? Would this explain why he was eliminated, before he could leak this information to the media (he probably knew better than to leak it to the law)? Finally (for now), why did the sheriff`s daughter (what`s her name?) claim on her FB page she never knew Alfred, when town`s people are certain they did know one another? Very strange!