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Published:February 1st, 2014 10:43 EST

Did NASA's Rover Draw A Giant Penis On Mars? Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"They were sent to Mars to search for evidence of prehistoric water systems, but two NASA rovers appear to have found something very different.


An image posted on a Nasa website appears to show one of Spirit`s or Opportunity`s tyre tracks leaving a very appendage-looking impression in the Martian dust.

It is not known when the image was taken, but it attracted thousands of comments after being posted on Reddit, apparently briefly crashing the Nasa website it was originally posted on."


Is there water on Mars? Have the NASA rovers discovered evidence of an ancient intelligent Martian civilization?

No, but a look at the Martian landscape reveals astounding proof of the lack of intelligence on Earth. One of the NASA rovers left an impression that looks like a giant penis. One of the NASA geeks controlling the joystick that operates the rover apparently thought it would be great fun to draw a humongous phallus on Martian soil.

Ladies and gentlemen: Your tax money at work! The cocky dude who thought he could get away with this practical joke should be fired.

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