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Published:February 3rd, 2014 15:53 EST

Who Rocks A Fur Coat Best: Joe Namath, the IKEA Monkey or Macklemore? Videos!

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Seattle Seahawks pulverized the Denver Broncos; they are clearly the best team in the NFL. After last night`s blowout victory by the Seahawks, the only question remaining is who rocks a fur coat best: Joe Namath, the IKEA Monkey or Macklemore?


The 1969 version of Joe Namath would have won this contest hands down, back in his " Broadway Joe" days Namath was the coolest cat in the game.

But the 2014 version of Namath looked pathetic, creepy and desperate trying to rock a fur coat.

The IKEA monkey was the coolest hipster in the IKEA store; customers didn`t seem to know whether they should snap his photo, throw him a banana or ask him for fashion advice.

Macklemore rocks the thrift store look; dude would look cool wearing a fur coat, a yellow rain coat or a onesie.

I think it`s pretty much a toss-up between the IKEA monkey and Macklemore; the monkey keeps it pimp real but Macklemore is a real Mack Daddy.

If you desire to look like the IKEA monkey or Macklemore keep it real by wearing a fake fur coat.

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