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Published:February 4th, 2014 17:28 EST
Drink Better Be Better

Drink Better Be Better

By SOP newswire2

Drink Better  

You are what you eat (and drink), so why not choose a nourishing and delicious drink that feels as good as it tastes?  Amy and Brian Coconut Juice is 100% pure coconut juice (never from concentrate), and is a great tasting beverage packed with the best nutrients for your body. 

A frequent winner of coconut water taste tests, Amy & Brian`s Coconut Juice is naturally sweet with a well-rounded flavor profile " crisp, refreshing coconut with smooth vanilla and caramel undertones " without artificial flavorings or additional sugar.  Between the full flavor and healthy hydration, Amy & Brian`s Coconut Juice has topped the charts of exotic beverages nationwide and is enjoyed daily by thousands of Coconut Juice lovers.  

Loaded with potassium and electrolytes, Amy and Brian`s Coconut Juice is as good for you as it tastes!  These nutrients help support hydration and nourish the body during any type of exertion.  Amy and Brian`s Coconut Juice is also naturally fat-free and cholesterol free making it a great hydration choice. 

Be Better

Work hard and play hard, but always do the right thing for your body.  Amy and Brian Coconut Juice is great for a mid-day pick me up in the office, refueling after sports/exercise, nourishing the weekend warrior, or just for enjoying a nutritious and healthy beverage.  Choose a drink that supports a healthy lifestyle, not one that holds you back!  Whether you`re running a half marathon or taking the dog for a walk, Amy & Brian`s Coconut Juice encourages and enables you to be the best version of yourself every day. 

Carly Wilson, an aspiring Pro Surfer, drinks Amy and Brian to rehydrate after a long day in the waves.  I love Amy and Brian coconut juice because not only is it sweeter (and the best in my opinion) than all the other brands, but it is a pure and natural alternative to other sports drinks in order to hydrate after a workout; doesn`t contain any of the junk that many of the other popular sports drinks contain. Surfing in the sun and salty ocean constantly drains me and I need to rehydrate with electrolytes. "  

About Amy & Brian Naturals

Amy & Brian Naturals, a family run business, has been selling coconut juice for over a decade. Sourced only from young green Thai coconuts, Amy & Brian coconut juice has a natural sweetness and well rounded coconut taste without the addition of flavorings or additional sugar.  Available in a variety of flavors (including fresh lime) and sizes, Amy & Brian is passionate about giving consumers a great tasting product.  Amy & Brian Coconut Juice can be found with or without pulp in mainstream and natural specialty supermarkets throughout North America. 

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