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Published:February 6th, 2014 11:15 EST
In the Troubling Alfred Wright Case, Is a Hate Group Operating Out of the CL&M Grocery Package Store?

In the Troubling Alfred Wright Case, Is a Hate Group Operating Out of the CL&M Grocery Package Store?

By John G. Kays

KSLA News 12 out of Shreveport, La. has, I believe, reported the most substantive, breaking news regarding the highly controversial case of Alfred Wright from Southeast Texas. I mean, of course, what they learned from Sheela Bennett (see Backwoods Mystery: The Alfred Wright Investigation), who experienced some problems with Sabine County Sheriff Tom Maddox, that directly tie-in with the fishy circumstances surrounding the Alfred Wright case. 

Too, I have to ask, what`s been going on over at the CL&M Grocery Inc. Package Store (off Highway 87), say, over the past six months, or perhaps, over the last several years (for that matter)? Is there an organized group (possibly a Hate Group) operating out of CL&M?

This Package Store doesn`t sound like a real nice place for a black man (alone) to end up; well, something very sinister happened to Alfred Wright there on November 7th, and now Sheela Bennett is letting us know something bad occurred there to her husband also (who is yet unnamed, but is also black), around three weeks before Alfred`s suspicious incident, which apparently resulted in his death (yes, it looks to me like somebody, possibly a group, murdered him).

From what I can tell, Sheela`s husband`s truck was purposely rammed, then he was jumped and harassed with racial slurs,very nearby CL&M Grocery. That this racial assault was coincidental to Alfred`s event, seems unlikely (to me). Hopefully, Sheela`s husband will identify himself and come public with his harrowing story, giving us more detail, although all of us are sympathetic with his implied fears.

One question I have, is did Alfred`s red truck really break down naturally, or had it been tampered with, such as we see in the case of Sheela Bennet`s husband`s truck. And this brings up the question why the red truck hasn`t been thoroughly inspected and tested (so far) by The Texas Rangers or the U.S. Justice Department, who are just now getting involved. 

Well, I should add, we don`t want the Sabine County Sheriff`s Office to be the one to inspect the pertinent evidence in or on the vehicle! No, that wouldn`t be the right thing to do, what with clouds of suspicion hovering (like carrion crow) over this East Texas law enforcement agency. I will remind you, Sabine never bothered checking out the truck iduringthe initial shoddy investigation.

Photos of the red truck (I can`t quite read the make or model, but it looks like a Chevrolet Sliverado) give it the appearance of a fairly recent one, so I`m wondering why Alfred was having problems with it on this particular late fall day (November 7, 2013)? In this regard, perhaps Alfred`s widow, Lauren, could shed some light on the condition of her husband`s truck, such as whether he`d had any issues with it breaking down before, or within recent memory of this date, when Alfred called her telling her his truck had broken down. Did he mention the nature of the problem with the vehicle?

Obviously, once Alfred went missing at this suspiciously similar location as her husband`s, who was actually jumped by two men in what looks like a violent act of racial hatred, Sheela Bennett goes to the Sheriff`s office, where she is shocked in finding out, the Sheriff doesn`t believe the two incidents are related. 

Furthermore, Maddox implies Alfred got what he deserved, suggesting he brought his trouble on himself. What he meant by this comment, it`s hard to say, but it does imply some sort of complicity on his part, or for his department, as if he is directly involved, or that he is privy to the parties who took upon themselves to silence Alfred (for some unknown reason).

Does the Ku Klux Klan still exist in East Texas; at one time, Jasper was stronghold for the Klan. Alright, I had the courage to come out and say it; but who isn`t thinking that already? When I first encountered this case, an initial reference that came to mind was the famous case of 3 Civil Rights workers who were murdered in Mississippi by the Klan. This case shocked me to the bone when I was only 11-years-old (June 21-22, 1964); actually, 2 of the Civil Rights workers were white. 

My take from this against the grain fact, is that the Klan was highly intimidated by young, idealistic white people supporting the rights of African Americans in the rural south. You may or may not choose to see some applicable analogies here (with Alfred), but you should at least make an effort to look into some possible parallels; perhaps Eric Holder is doing just that right now.`_murders