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Published:February 10th, 2014 15:35 EST

Crackpipe Vending Machines Installed in Vancouver! Good Idea? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Vancouver is the home to Canada`s first-ever crackpipe vending machines, which were installed in the city`s troubled Downtown Eastside in a bid to curb the spread of disease among drug users.


Portland Hotel Society`s Drug Users Resource Centre operates two of the machines. They dispense Pyrex crackpipes for just 25 cents.

The pipes are very durable and less likely to chip and cut drug users` mouths, which helps stop the spread communicable diseases including HIV and hepatitis C."

CTV News

I wish Dr. Kevorkian were still alive, and doing business in Vancouver!

I don`t subscribe to the politically-correct but preposterous notion that drug addiction is a disease. It`s true that because of genetic makeup and family history some people might be more susceptible to drug or alcohol addiction. But no one forced a junkie or alcoholic to take that first drink or shoot up for the first time. What the hell ever happened to taking responsibly for our actions?

However I`m not against crackpipe vending machines or to take it one step further, the legalization of controlled substances. If crack is legalized at least crackheads will be contributing in some way to society by purchasing heavily taxed crack.

I`m surprised the crack-smoking Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford hasn`t installed a crackpipe vending machine in City Hall.

A crackpipe vending machine is not a governmental seal of approval for smoking crack; it`s society trying to stop the spread of communicable diseases.

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