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Published:February 10th, 2014 08:57 EST
McGruff the Crime Dog Gets Jail Time for Drugs and Weapon Charges

McGruff the Crime Dog Gets Jail Time for Drugs and Weapon Charges

By Ron G Anselm

All I can say is Wow! The once role model of the crime fighting world and who was more than likely looked up to as a hero by the little tikes has been arrested on drug and weapons charges. Looks like Ol` McGruff had a bad day after being stopped for speed in Galveston, Texas back in 2011.

This guy didn`t just have say a hand gun and ammunition when he was stopped but I can say he went all the way and if you are going to go out he definitely went out in style. Police found twenty-seven various weapons including a grenade launcher on top of his marijuana and maps to his drug farms.

 For you non-military civilians out there in case you don`t know what a grenade launcher is, it is called an M240 grenade launcher. It was mainly used in Vietnam (all the Vietnam Vets I was stationed with told me many stories about this weapon when they were knee deep in rice patties and thick jungle terrain fighting the North Viet Cong) a hand grenade is normally 40mm and you would normally pull what is called the pin which then releases the spoon and sets off the timing device before the Kaboom! You have about five seconds to get rid of it before you are toast. You normally carry a few on you in combat and you would normally just throw one at your target.

A grenade launcher lets you load a 40mm projectile in a chamber attached to your M16A1, A2, A3 or whatever model you have and basically fire it from a chamber which gives you more distance to hit a target rather than throwing the hand grenade. I was also a Unit Armorer during my Army days and have worked on many of these weapons. They are not something you can just go down to Bill and Teds gun shop and buy they are normally sold on the black market or now days a terrorist connection.

I guess we now can say McGruff the Crime Dog under John Morales who was once the crime dog under that large costume with the floppy ears and trench coat is now known as McGruff the Con Dog? McGruff the Stoner Dog? McGruff the Corn Dog? McGruff the Hot Dog? I don`t know but he sure isn`t McGruff the Crime Dog. This is really crazy to learn that even I looked up to the crime pooch as a hero and a positive figure in this crazy, drug infested and crime ridden world we all share together.

John Morales won`t be chasing Frisbees or chewing on large bones (like a dog does) anytime soon. He was sentenced to sixteen years and three-months in Federal prison on his charges.

As McGruff used to say, "Take a Bite out of Crime" looks like you missed the boat on that one John.


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