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Published:February 10th, 2014 14:40 EST

Viral Video of Kid Fed Up With Shoveling Snow Illustrates Absurdity of Human Condition

By Robert Paul Reyes

In this viral video a little boy shovels snow for a while before he grunts and then looks up to the heavens and screams " Jesus, Make it Warm."


The little Drama Queen doesn`t give much time for Jesus to answer his prayer, after a couple of seconds of waiting on the Almighty he resumes his arduous task of shoveling snow.

In this hellish winter where a Polar Vortex is quickly followed by a Snowmageddon and then a Snowapocalypse, this kid speaks for all of us.

Although I`d rather send Al Gore a text: GLOBAL WARMING MY ASS, YOU SCANTIMONIOUS JERK!

This video perfectly illustrates the absurdity and meaningless of the human condition: We toil away at senseless tasks, occasionally calling on God to lighten our load, only to continue plugging away until we give up the ghost.

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