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Published:February 11th, 2014 11:16 EST

Members of Virginia's White Tail Chapel Attend Church Naked: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"About an hour`s drive south of Richmond, there`s a small congregation that doesn`t care about material things. They worship the same way we were all brought into this world, naked.


Even in February, when temperatures can average in the 20s, members show up in various forms: some fully clothed, others topless, many still completely nude.

Pastor Allen Parker says it`s not about the clothes, or lack thereof. He says it`s about baring his soul to Christ and leading his flock down that path of righteousness, no matter what they`re wearing."


I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I have lived in Central Virginia the last 14 years. In the eclectic Bay Area you will find the Church of Satan and the Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church that venerates the jazz icon, and nobody bats an eye.

But I never thought that a church that worships in the nude would open in the Bible Belt, the late Jerry Falwell must be turning over in his grave.

When a preacher gets a bit too sanctimonious we humanize him in our minds by imagining him preaching in the nude.

But Pastor Allen Parker of the White Tail Chapel always delivers his sermons in the buff, and no one will think that the naked, pot-bellied, and frankly butt-ugly preacher is putting on airs.

A clothing-optional church in Hollywood where the congregation is composed of movie stars might be a good idea, but a congregation that worships in the nude in Hicksville sucks.

Pastor Allen claims that he is baring his soul to Christ and leading his flock down that path of righteousness.  Excuse me, but you can bare your soul to Christ without baring your fat butt, and I doubt that he is leading his congregation down the path of righteousness.

The White Tail Church is located in a nude resort; only in this naked oasis would a nude church be tolerated in Virginia.

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