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Published:February 12th, 2014 12:51 EST

Unclothed Woman Jumps Out of Teen's Bedroom Window: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Arizona woman jumped from the second-floor bedroom of a 15-year-old boy after his mother caught her cavorting naked with the teen last month, investigators report.


Keri Gonzalez, 34, broke her ankle when she crashed to the ground outside the residence in Marana, a town 30 miles northwest of Tucson."

The Smoking Gun

This sexual predator snuck into the home after the teen`s mother fell asleep, she then got the kid drunk, and had intercourse with him twice, before his mother caught them in bed.

This sounds like every horny teen`s fantasy, but Gonzalez resembles Rosie O`Donnell a hell of a lot more than she does Angelina Jolie. I doubt if the teen is going to brag to his friends that he knocked boots with such a physically repulsive creature.

Gonzalez was charged with sexual misconduct with a minor; excuse me but it`s not like she pinched his butt, she raped him twice.

If a 35-year-old man had snuck into a 15-year-old girl`s home and had sexual intercourse with her, he would have been charged with rape.

It`s a shame Gonzalez didn`t break her neck instead of her ankle, this woman doesn`t deserve to live in polite society.

The double standard lives on, but let`s hope that karma catches up with this vile woman, and that a mother jailbird will administer to her the beating of her life.

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