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Published:February 13th, 2014 12:04 EST
A Poem: Lost

A Poem: Lost

By Ed Roberts




In all of the politics

In all of the flag waving

In all of the debates

In all of the power struggles


Lost amongst

All of conflicts

All of the air strikes

All of the gun battles

All of the chaos


Lost in this turmoil

Are the people


The people

Who dream of waking up each morning

Being able to go to work

Being able to go to school

Being able to go to the store

To buy groceries

Being able to sleep at night

And assure their children

That they will have a save place to stay




In all of this

Is simply what makes us



In the end

Regimes will rise

And fall

Men will gain power

Abuse it

And in the end

Lose it


All of these things are certain


My heart does not bleed

For any of these

For their fate

They bring upon themselves



My soul weeps

My spirit cries

And yes, my heart bleeds


For those who are lost


And I pray to God

That somehow He will find them

And once again

Make them whole


Ed Roberts 2//12/14