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Published:February 13th, 2014 14:02 EST

Manhattan Restaurant Offers a $30,000 Valentine's Day Dinner

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pera Mediterranean Brasserie on Madison Ave. has taken Valentine`s Day excess to the max with the finest delicacies the heart can desire.


A Manhattan restaurant is offering a once-in-a-lifetime $30,000 Feb. 14 mega-date, with nine libido-lifting courses almost guaranteed to produce a `yes`if the big question gets popped.

There`s a stunning seafood appetizer and three main courses: Langoustine de la Manche, roasted venison and rack of lamb."

New York Daily News

The feast includes an endless supply of oysters to awaken the libido; it will take a woman with a heart of stone not to say "Yes" if the gentleman pops the question at the end of this scrumptious and expensive meal.

In addition to the oysters the lovebirds will be serenaded by a harpist and strolling musicians. The only thing that`s missing is bloody Cupid hanging from a chandelier.

The hefty $30,000 price tag includes a deluxe room at The Ritz Carlton New York, but a gentleman would be wise to keep that nugget of information secret until the end of the dinner. Otherwise the lady might think that her boyfriend is just treating her like a very expensive escort.

Whether you celebrate Valentine`s Day at the Waffle House or a gourmet restaurant, I wish all my readers a happy and romantic Valentine`s Day.

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