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Published:February 14th, 2014 12:45 EST
CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco Products: Is There More To It?

CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco Products: Is There More To It?

By Derek Sanders

Occasionally, an advertisement will appear on TV or the internet warning people about the dangers of smoking. CVS Caremark, the national chain of pharmacy stores has announced that it will eliminate the sales of tobacco products over the next year.

In an editorial in JAMA, Doctors Schroeder and Brennan said, Studies have demonstrated a relationship between tobacco use and geographic density of stores that sell cigarettes. More important, reducing the density of tobacco outlets probably reduces smoking among young people " a key intervention, given the number of smokers who start before 21 years of age.

However, some worry about just what CVS will define as tobacco products. Some smokers use low health-risk nicotine delivery products like dissolvable tobacco and electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking and the removal of them from stores would make the process for some more difficult.

Meanwhile, some think that there is more to this decision than it first seems. Some people think the move from CVS was coordinated with the government. Because of how fast the White House was to congratulate CVS on their move, some people think that the decision was made to get in the good graces of people within the government.

Others see this as a sign of protest. Months ago, it was voted into action that Washington and Colorado would become the first states in the USA to legalize recreational use of marijuana and several other states of allowed medicinal use of the drug. Some speculate that the removal of tobacco products from the store chain`s shelves is so that the company will not have to sell marijuana from them at a later date.

Others see this removal as simply a move to benefit public health and are praising CVS for making such a move. Since the announcement, organizations have been contacting other major pharmacy chains to consider a similar move, one of the largest being CVS rival, Walgreens. They stated that the American Pharmacists Association and the American Medical Association support bans on tobacco sales in pharmacies and public opinion polls call for the removal of tobacco from drugstores.

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