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Published:February 14th, 2014 09:56 EST

'Movie Title Breakup' Viral Video Perfect for Valentine's Day

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A YouTube clip called Movie Title Breakup from Brooklyn`s POYKPAC comedy troupe is taking the Internet by storm after it was posted on Tuesday in advance of Valentine`s Day.


The clip features a couple breaking up in a restaurant, and the dialogue is composed entirely of movie titles."


It`s such a cliché for a couple to see a romantic movie on Valentine`s Day! Dudes, how many times is your girlfriend going to force you to sit through a chick flick on Valentine`s Day?

Enough is enough! Man up, put on your big girl panties and instead force her to watch this 4-minute video featuring a couple breaking up using only movie titles.

It may not be very romantic, but if your girlfriend doesn`t have a sense of humor maybe you should breakup with her.

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