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Published:February 14th, 2014 12:21 EST
Why did Leanne Bearden Commit Suicide? And What Was So Depressing Her?

Why did Leanne Bearden Commit Suicide? And What Was So Depressing Her?

By John G. Kays

Finding Leanne Bearden`s body yesterday is upsetting for me; moreover, (I should emphasize) it must be even more unsettling for her friends and for her family. Today is Valentine`s Day, so I better not touch that in terms of what the impact must be on everyone who`s been following this story closely; yet I can`t help but say, her disappearance on January 17th has some unusual aspects to it, that I haven`t been able to reconcile when pondering on her case. 

Why have the authorities completely eliminated foul play? Or have they, and they`re just tricking us into thinking they have? If Leanne did commit suicide, what was the method she employed? If it was a gun, why didn`t a neighbor hear the shot? Did she even own a gun? Could it have been some drugs? What was causing her to feel so distraught? How good were relations with her husband Josh? Had she ever tried anything before?

First off, I ought to point out, I haven`t been following Leanne`s disappearance too terribly close, until I heard of the discovery last evening. To make up for my negligence, I gave Google News a proper work out, going back to the relevant day of January 17th, and viewed as many television reports and read as many print news articles as I could endure. 

Leanne Bearden`s unexplained jogging excursion, or walking break (or whatever it was?), was thoroughly and widely covered by multiple news organizations, so I didn`t find it too difficult to retrace or simulate the legs of her story (it`s been a little under one full month since she`d departed her in laws house in San Antonio [Garden Ridge]).

You`ve probably asked this question previously yourself, and I`m sure law enforcement has, but how many people get to take a two year around-the-world vacation? Most of us will be lucky to take a one week vacation every five years, say, much less something such as is described in the news, regarding the Bearden`s extensive world travels. 

What was behind (what`s the backstory) this over-the-top wanderlust? And if you don`t mind me asking, how much did all these frothy sojourns cost? And furthermore, if you don`t think I`m being way too nosy, where did these young people get all the extra leisure-tied, kind of money? Why weren`t the Beardens working at some type of jobs?

That may have occurred to you also, but I don`t think it`s tagging me with too much of a Protestant ethic to call them on their apparent easy going lifestyle. I can`t recall anybody in my lifetime who has been afforded that kind of leisurely way of life, and I know some fairly rich people (I know considerably more who are very poor, however).

I`ll climb off my lofty pedestal, but the thing is, the family has said Leanne was stressed out, since she was still having to adopt to her returning to the States. While I`d prefer to buy this explanation as to why she was so bummed out, I must confess, it`s not quite going down so smoothly for me.

Early indications are, that Leanne took her own life; this will need confirmation by way of a coroner`s report. Yet, if she did take her own life, our curiosity will reside in the house of why she would choose to do so. Simply put, what reason did Leanne Bearden have, that would lead her to take her own life? 

How could it be money? Did she have any feelings of anger towards her husband Joshua? If so, why was she mad at him? Did she have any history of mental issues? Did she take any kind of prescription medication?

Why did the Beardens initially go to Georgia upon return from their overseas travel? When that`s answered, why did they then travel to the San Antonio area? Was a visit to see Joshua`s parents all that`s behind this trip to South Texas? And why didn`t they return to Denver in the first place? What were they doing in Denver before the incredible trek they took across the world? 

Most of all, I wonder about Leanne`s final trip, where she took her backpack and a few energy bars along, but not her cell phone. She said she`d be gone for an hour, but was that her real intention? And how did she end up in that secluded, wooded area, behind a home in the 21600 block of Fairview Circle in Garden Ridge? 

Was there forethought, had she picked this spot out before? I don`t feel so comfortable yet with the way the puzzle pieces are fitting together (since they aren`t actually fitting together at all).