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Published:February 15th, 2014 10:09 EST

Selfie Church Burglar Nabbed by Cops: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police used a `selfie` photo found on a cellphone left at the scene of a church burglary to track down and arrest three suspects in the crime.


Police found a cellphone left at the crime scene. On it, investigators found a `selfie` photo, and a detective recognized the location where the photo was taken as Harborside Park in Chula Vista.

Police took the photo to the park and showed it to people.

One of them recognized the person in the photo as 26-year-old Adam Howe and told officers where to look for him, police said."


The Selfie burglar, Adam Howe, 26, wasn`t content to steal offering money and a laptop from the church; he ransacked the house of worship. The hottest room in hell is reserved for this incompetent and evil burglar.

Check out this creep`s selfie:

Dude looks like a total meth head! Notice his tightly pursed lips; homebody doesn`t want anyone to see his rotting teeth.

If there`s a God in heaven this sorry excuse for a human being will get the rest of his teeth knocked out in prison.

Howe was charged with a count of felony stupid and a misdemeanor count of public creepiness.

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