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Published:February 17th, 2014 15:21 EST

Detective Charged with Assault for Farting on Co-Worker: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lawrence Jonap, 45, was charged with assault with injury, a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine up to $4,000.


In  the first incident, according to the report, Jonap walked by dispatcher Donald Varner and kicked him in the back, laughing while he did it. The affidavit says Varner reported the incident to his superiors immediately.

The next day, while Varner was seated at his desk, the affidavit says Jonap hit Varner over the head with a notebook, flicked him on the ear, and then passed gas in Varner`s face."


Jonap denied that he was bullying the dispatcher, and told police he just said `hello` to the victim and asked how his night was.

Fortunately, another dispatcher witnessed the incident and he corroborated the victim`s story.

Jonap is a bully who feels superior to a lowly police dispatcher, and he thinks he is entitled to verbally and physically abuse his co-worker.

Jonap is a bully who fouls the air with his mouth and his rear end; he`s got nothing between his ears but air, and plenty of rancid gas in his butt.

If Jonap abuses his co-worker with impunity, imagine how he treats the public. If there`s a God in heaven this creep will be sentenced to a year in jail, and having inmates fart in his face will be the least of the indignities he will suffer.

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