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Published:February 18th, 2014 14:14 EST

Barbara Walters' Disgusting Confession: I Have a Vibrator named 'Selfie'! Video! Sign of the End Times!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Warning: For God`s sake don`t read this article if you are eating a meal!

As often is the case on "The View", the discussion veered into sexuality on Monday, when Barbara Walters admitted that she uses a vibrator, and that she calls it "Selfie."


Barbara Walters` hands shake so much, that at least she doesn`t have to spend any money on batteries to power her vibrator.

The octogenarian has given new meaning to TMI; I don`t think there`s a single American who doesn`t want her to retire, immediately.

Let`s hope that something good comes out of this sickening incident, maybe Walters has given such a bad name to the word "Selfie" that it will kill off the fad.

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