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Published:February 20th, 2014 13:44 EST
How can I help?

How can I help?

By Ed Roberts

How can I help

(A story always has two sides)


The doors are open here

We have food for you to eat

We have a warm place

Where you can sleep


I promise

No one is here to judge you

You don`t even have to give us

Your real` name



Come in

It`s going to be five degrees tonight

The doors are open here

Let us shelter you from this storm


I`ve heard this all before

You don`t want to help

You just want to change me

You want to feel better

By helping someone

Someone worse off then yourself


I don`t want your help

I don`t need your charity "

I can make it on my own


How can I help you

What do you want me to do

What do you need for me to do

Why won`t you let me help you


I am not broken

I am not something you can fix

I can do this on my own

Don`t you see

I don`t fit where you are

Why don`t you just leave me alone

Why don`t you simply go away


I can only answer you with this


No matter who you are

Not matter what you have done

No matter what others think or say about you

There are simply four words to answer your questions



Because I love you


            How can you love someone

            Like me


Ed Roberts 1/20/14