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Published:February 20th, 2014 12:01 EST
In the Alfred Wright Case, Justice Department Gets Involved; Heated Rallies in Jasper and Hemphill!

In the Alfred Wright Case, Justice Department Gets Involved; Heated Rallies in Jasper and Hemphill!

By John G. Kays

Several news organizations (especially, Jeffrey L. Bones with the Houston Forward Times and Deborah Feyerick with CNN, who initially exposed this miasma of injustice), have updated recent dramatic developments in the extremely controversial Alfred Wright case, emerging out of East Texas, much better than I can, but I thought I might intimate a few of my thoughts to you anyhow. The first item I shouldn`t fail to mention, is that the Wright family`s push to get the Justice Department involved, via Sheila Jackson Lee (U.S. Representative for Texas`s 18th Congressional District), are successful. 

Another significant item, is a reward of $30, 000 (as of Saturday) will be paid out to someone who comes forward and tells the truth, as far as who`s behind Alfred Wright`s disturbing death (assuming they can get a conviction for the culprits who did it). I sense that somebody, if not quite a few people living in the Jasper/Hemphill nexus, are privy to this heinous, yet obvious crime of murder.

I might add on even a third item which is newsworthy; that is, a rally was held on Saturday at the Faith Temple Church of God in Christ in Jasper, (primarily by the Wright family, along with supporters), in which many of the problems of the case were vocalized. One troubling example, is that Sabine County Sheriff, Tom Maddox, never even bothered to interview Alfred`s family during his short and sweet investigation last November.  I need to also mention the presence of Betty Byrd Boatner, James Byrd`s sister, was present at the rally and provided her moral support, along a financial contribution. 

This rally then traveled to Hemphill to join up with another rally going on there, organized mainly by The New Black Panther Party (NBPP), I believe. The HFT`s report is the only source I`ve seen on the presence of the NBPP in Hemphill on Saturday, but it looks like they made public their thoughts, as far as how they feel about the travesty of injustice, which seems clear when you examine law enforcement procedures coming out of East Texas. One Panther activist, Quanell X even pointed out that it`s common knowledge, Tom Maddox`s son (name not given) is a Big Time Meth Dealer in that area!

I can`t confirm this allegation, which is apparently making the rounds there in Jasper (and it`s surrounding parts), but I will say, this is a most shocking item to hear of; seemingly, more like a fictional television series than a headline news story. Truth is stranger than fiction! 

When one puts this theory on the chalkboard, a lot of the evidence makes more sense. What if, say, Alfred somehow learned of the sheriff`s son`s situation; furthermore, what if the son found out that Alfred was aware of his illicit meth operation. Then it would make a tremendous amount of sense why this black man was eliminated, and yet, he had his daddy to fix the investigation. *(There`s nothin` scarier than crooked cops!)

Well, I better come down a notch, I made my coffee much too strong this morning! Also, journalism ought not drift away in a world of fantasy, as if real news could somehow mirror fictional stories, written by sensationally gifted script writers that have major contracts with the likes of HBO, AMC, or the new kid on the block, Netflix.

Correct me if I`m wrong, but we now have The New Black Panther Party, East Texas, the Justice Department, the Texas Rangers, the FBI, meth dealers, whites and blacks, multiple news organizations, along with the entire history of the Civil Rights movement and race relations in general, all crowding the same stage, looking for wiggle room. This is not made up by a clever writer, it`s really happening! The Justice Department is going to crack this one wide-open, I predict.