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Published:February 23rd, 2014 18:21 EST

Hangar 1: New History Channel Show Devoted to UFO Tomfoolery

By Robert Paul Reyes

"John Ventre had no interest in unidentified flying objects until he decided to write a science fiction book about 17 years ago.


The deeper he went in his research, the more evidence of UFOs he found.

`I am 100 percent convinced it is a real phenomenon,` said Ventre, Pennsylvania director for the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, and one of the stars of "Hangar 1,` a new History Channel series about UFOs.

Each week, the show will piece together three MUFON cases and try to show what the alien agenda might be. Actual footage, recreations and narratives will be used along with expert testimony."

Trib Live

I had no interest in unidentified flying objects until I got an Internet connection in 1996, and I was astounded to discover how much bandwidth is devoted to flying saucers, alien anal probes and other such nonsense.

The deeper I researched the UFO phenomenon online, the more evidence I found that UFO witnesses tend to be rednecks with a penchant for drinking moonshine and suburban wives who aren`t getting enough attention in the bedroom.

I am 100 percent convinced UFO sightings are a psychological phenomenon, and UFO witnesses need an audience with a shrink , not a reporter or a so-called UFO researcher.

Each of Ventre`s shows will feature actual footage, recreations and narratives along with expert testimony. Let me parse this sentence for you, so you won`t waste your time watching "Hangar 1."

Actual footage: Actual YouTube videos of CGI-created UFO`s

Recreations: Since there isn`t a single recorded and verified case of an alien spacecraft landing on our little blue planet, Ventre will recreate scenarios involving extraterrestrial interacting with human beings featuring actors wearing rubber alien suits.

Narratives: Hillbillies spinning yarns about how they saw UFO`s in the sky after a long day of guzzling moonshine.

Expert testimony: Self-appointed experts and ufologist like Ventre will blather on about close encounters of the weird kind, anal probes, and whatnot.  

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