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Published:February 24th, 2014 17:29 EST
"The Swiper" Sweeps the Nation

"The Swiper" Sweeps the Nation

By Derek Sanders

New Product Info: "The Swiper"

With the recent success of crowdfunding projects through websites like Kickstarter, more people find that asking the public for support for their ideas to be a preferable alternative to hoping that a large company will take interest in their projects. One of the latest projects to utilize this new method is "The Swiper."

"The Swiper" is the latest culinary innovation from Angelo Gotsis, inventor and founder of All-In-1 Products. It is an anti-bacteria cutting board that includes built-in drawers to hold unwanted liquids and food particles. It also includes a knife sharpener and a squeegee, referred to as a spatula, with a built in food chopper to aid in preparing food and cleaning up afterwards.

Gotsis took up cooking from a young age and has developed his skill in engineering products over the years. These two passions came together as he tried to develop new innovations for kitchen use with the Swiper being the latest of his projects. After years of working as a Sales representative at Ford Motors and working in the real-estate industry, he decided to work at making his passions a career with this product being the latest step towards that goal.

The project is currently generating support on, but a Kickstarter campaign for the item will be starting soon, for anyone who wishes to support this new device.

For more information about the Swiper, visit or e-mail