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Published:February 26th, 2014 12:07 EST

Bronte the Singing Cat Commercial Goes Viral: Most Adorable Video of All Time?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"With adorable chubby cheeks and a white handlebar moustache, a four-legged feline has become an internet sensation, after staring in the hilarious advert for mobile phone firm Three.


The clever puss, who has become a star in her own right, has been revealed as seven-month-old Simcris Bronte Bronjoy - or just Bronte for short.

In the ad, the moustached-moggy is paraded round a suburban street in a pink wicker bicycle basket by an adventurous five-year-old girl while they both belt out Starship`s 1985 hit We Built This City."

Daily Star

This is the most delightful and adorable commercial I have seen in a long time, despite the fact that it features the worst rock song in history, Starship`s 1985 hit "We Built This City."

Jefferson Airplane was a counter-culture psychedelic rock band; they were the first 1960`s era act from San Francisco to achieve mainstream success.

In the 1980`s Jefferson Airplane was reinvented and reincarnated as "Starship": A sleek corporate band that was the antithesis of everything Airplane represented.

In 2004 Blender magazine named "We Built This City" as the Most Awesomely Bad Song of All Time, and Rolling Stone magazine named the song The Worst Song of the 1980`s.

Only a cute spunky 5-year-old girl and a cute kitty with chubby cheeks and a handlebar mustache could make us forget that the execrable " We Built This City" is the soundtrack for this commercial.

This lovely commercial is an antidote to all the depressing news that`s found in the typical Web site.

Enjoy my friends!

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