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Published:February 28th, 2014 10:33 EST

Jeopardy Villain Arthur Chu Must Be Stopped By Any Means Necessary: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

On February 4, 2014 I wrote the following article:

Arthur Chu: The Most Hated Villain in the history of Jeopardy:


It is a bit unsettling to witness Chu make a mockery of long-established Jeopardy etiquette by jumping back and forth between categories, and by betting only $5 on Double Jeopardy.

I`m not saying that Jeopardy fans are snobs, but we don`t appreciate an individual who doesn`t play by the rules, and creates confusion and chaos.

Arthur Chu hasn`t lost, and I haven`t slept a wink since February 4, 2014, this arch villain has used his renegade style to earn $238,200 to date.

Jeopardy was the simple pleasure in life that I enjoyed the most, after a long day at work I relaxed by watching Alex Trebek preside over an entertaining, friendly and polite trivia game.

Work is a cut-throat business where employees cheat, betray, and sleep their way to the top, but Jeopardy was a world where decorum prevailed and proper deference was paid to the genial host Alex Trebek.

The insurance compliance technician from Ohio has turned Jeopardy upside down, he frequently interrupts Trebek in mid-sentence, and he pounds the hell out of the buzzer when he knows the answer.

I can accept a world where a 1st class moron like Joe Biden is the Vice-President of the United States, and I can accept a world where a talent-challenged and criminally-inclined teen like Justin Bieber makes millions, but I cannot and will not accept a world where a rogue geek makes thousands while making a mockery of game show etiquette.

Chu is set to return to Jeopardy on Monday to continue his reign of intimidation and chaos  -- this evil geek must be stopped dead in his tracks.

One sure way to stop Chu is to hire a hitman to take him out, but I don`t want to endorse this desperate strategy. There are millions of Jeopardy fans who hate Chu with a passion, and I don`t want to unwittingly encourage anyone to kill him.

But I will encourage Jeopardy producers to engage in whatever backstage machinations are necessary to cause this vile contestant to lose.

Stop Arthur Chu by any means necessary!

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