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Published:March 1st, 2014 10:13 EST

Are Jeopardy Villain Arthur Chu's Haters Racist? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Arthur Chu says he can understand why his Jeopardy! appearances may have gotten some of the show`s fans so upset.


`I kind of fit a certain stereotype of the hyperfocused, unlikable Asian nerd,` he explains. `And the fact that I`m the Asian guy means that I`m not the underdog, that I`m the bad guy. And some regular person who the audience can identify with is the underdog.`"


Arthur Chu, 30, a compliance analyst at an insurance company, is the most controversial contestant in the history of Jeopardy.

Chu is universally loathed by Jeopardy viewers and even by people who only have a cursory interest in popular culture. Although Chu does have a base of support in the nerd subculture and in the bedwetter community, and there are a few normal people who love him in an ironic way.

Why does Chu stir such intense passions and provoke such unbridled hostility? Is it Chu`s unorthodox playing style and his failure to pay proper respect to game show icon Alex Trebek that`s made him the most hated villain in Western Civilization?

Or is something more sinister at play, and do we simply hate Chu because he`s Asian? We don`t hate Chu because he`s an Asian nerd, we despise him because he`s an unapologetic nerd. I don`t care if a nerd is Asian, white, Hispanic or black (are there any black nerds?), I and millions of Americans hate nerds, period!

Chu embraces his nerdiness and rubs our noses in it; he fits to a tee the stereotype of the Asian nerd. His fat round face was made to be punched by hipsters and bullies, and his bangs don`t compliment his fat flat face. It looks like Chu sleeps in his Sears dress shirts, and his JC Penney ties are always loose on his collar.

I have stopped watching Jeopardy -- if I see Chu`s smug grin one more time I may suffer a heart attack. I will monitor Jeopardy online to find out when it`s safe to once again watch my beloved show.

Chu is an affront to our American way of life, and when he finally loses it will be the happiest day of my life.

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