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Published:March 1st, 2014 11:29 EST

Man Sues McDonald`s for $1.5M for Only Giving Him One Napkin

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A California man is trying to have his way with McDonald`s and super-size his bank account after filing a $1.5 million lawsuit that claims he was only given one napkin when he ordered a Quarter Pounder Deluxe.


Webster Lucas claims that when he complained to the manager at the McDonald`s in Pacoima, Calif., he was told he had already been given his allotment of napkins."


I admit that one napkin isn`t enough to sop up all the grease that spills over from a Quarter Pounder Deluxe burger, but Lucas` inconvenience isn`t worth a million bucks.

When everything else fails, play the race card. Lucas, who is black, claims that the McDonald`s manager mumbles something about " you people." If the manager did mumble "you people", it wasn`t in reference to Lucas` ethnicity, but to unscrupulous people who try to scam the system.

Lucas had the unmitigated gall to email the general manager to whine about undue mental anguish  he was suffering, and he was offered free burgers as compensation.

I`m sure the manager and citizens who are sick and tire of litigious creeps would love to give Lucas a real reason to suffer from undue mental anguish by beating the daylights out of him.

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