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Published:March 3rd, 2014 16:00 EST

Pope Accidentally Drops F-Bomb During Sermon About Crisis in Ukraine: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes


"While giving his weekly blessing from the Vatican, the Argentinian mistakenly uttered the word `f***` in Italian before quickly correcting himself.

But within seconds his mistake was posted on dozens of Italian media websites and YouTube and had gained millions of worldwide hits as it went viral.

The words the Pope stumbled on were `caso` (example) and `cazzo` which means `f***` in Italian and often trips up those not used to speaking the language."

Daily Mail

Lightning didn`t strike the Vatican, and doves didn`t drop dead from the sky when Pope Francis accidentally uttered the F-Word in Italian.

But social media is not so forgiving; seconds after the pontiff uttered the obscenity his epic fail was posted on YouTube.

The pope was speaking about the situation in Ukraine when he uttered the profanity. I gotta cut him some slack; the crisis in Ukraine is so f-up it will get anybody discombobulated.  

This honest mistake only serves to underline Pope Francis` reputation as a man of the people.

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